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July · 2018

PhD position available!

Care to join our group? Apply for a funded PhD fellowship on the evolution of sexual conflict! See "Join us" section.
January · 2018

PhD position available!

Apply for a fully funded 4yr PhD fellowship on the evolution of sexual conflict in fruit flies! See "Join us" section.
October · 2017

Zahida Sultanova gets 4yr PhD Fellowship!

Zahida just got a 4 yr PhD fellowship from the Univ. Valencia! She will be working on sex-specific ageing in Drozzies. Congrats!

Who we are

Behaviour and Evolution (Pau Carazo’s research group) is part of the Ethology lab at Cavanilles Institute for Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology (University of Valencia). We are generally interested in the evolution and function of behaviour, and in the role that behaviour plays as a spearhead of evolutionary change. Currently, our main line of research is on biotic and abiotic factors modulating the intensity of sexual selection and sexual conflict, and its consequences in terms of population viability.

We are driven more by the questions than by the use of a particular organism, so we work or have worked with a variety of systems. Our current main model organism for work on sexual conflict, kin selection, behavioural plasticity and ageing is the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster). We also study Podarcis lizards, a fantastic system to ask questions about the evolution of communication. Our unit was set up in 2015, so we are young and enthusiastic!