September · 2017

We swept up at BMC Ecology’s photo competition!

Roberto García-Roa & Arnaud Badiane  had a huge success at BMC Ecology’s photo competition. Featured in The Guardian!

November · 2014

Sex and boldness explain learning in lizards

Our Proc B paper on sex, learning and personality traits in lizards has been picked up by Spiegel!

November · 2013

Why are men hairier than women?

Ever wondered why men are hairier than women? Check out the answer at Mètode (In english/In spanish)

November · 2012

Lizards are smarter than they look!

Our recent Biology Letters paper was picked up by different international media including ABC Science!

November · 2010

Mini-documentary on human evolution and behaviour

Brief 5 min mini-documentary about evolution and human behaviour (In spanish).  

November · 2009

Can beetles count?

Beetles share one of our core systems of number! Our recent paper was picked up by various spanish newspapers: El PaisABCLa …