November · 2019

New PhD students!

Outstanding news! Claudia Londoño, Alicia Bartolomé and Quentin Corbel have join the lab oficially as PhD students! The lab grows!

July · 2018

PhD position available!

Care to join our group? Apply for a funded PhD fellowship on the evolution of sexual conflict! See “Join us” section.

January · 2018

PhD position available!

Apply for a fully funded 4yr PhD fellowship on the evolution of sexual conflict in fruit flies! See “Join us” section.

October · 2017

Zahida Sultanova gets 4yr PhD Fellowship!

Zahida just got a 4 yr PhD fellowship from the Univ. Valencia! She will be working on sex-specific ageing in Drozzies. Congrats!

September · 2016

Pre & post doc positions open for 2017!

Two positions are opening in our lab for 2017. Interested? Check out our Join us section for more details.  

June · 2016

Javier Abalos gets a PhD Fellowship!

Javi won a prestigious 4 yr FPU (Spanish National Call) PhD fellowship to work on lizard communication, well done!

March · 2016

BehavEvolLab PhD students travel to Wales!

Arnaud Badiane and Javier Abalos receive travel grants to present talks at the ASAB Easter Conference 2016 in Aberystwyth University, well done!

January · 2016

Nature correspondence

We just published a short correspondence in Nature about the scientific consequences of academic language ruling in Spain.

January · 2016

Our lab is growing!

Chris Watson (PhD candidate), Zahida Sultanova (PhD candidate), and Ana Hidalgo (lab manager/technician) join our lab, welcome!  

January · 2015

Aphids play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with ants!

Our new PNAS paper is out! In it, we describe a case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

December · 2014

New PhD student

Good news! Arnaud Badiane has been awarded a iMQRES Macquarie Studenship to conduct his PhD co-supervised by Martin Whiting

September · 2014

Sex, drugs and blackmail…

A new divulgation short article about the evolutionary battle of the sexes has just been published in Mètode.

January · 2014

Why men are hairier than women…

Interested in knowing the answer? Check out my latest contribution to Metode popular science magazine and webpage here.